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Galaxie pursues powerful and authentic stories. We produce these stories for all screens — that is to say, traditional television and new media. We provide our quality content in all formats, including long-form reports, packages, and documentaries. Galaxie produced 350 hours of captivating programming in 2018, clearly establishing us as a leader in the French independent audiovisual production sector. 

Creativity is synonymous with Galaxie. « So much more than content » our slogan reflects the guiding principle in our fight for quality programs to satisfy every demand no matter how large or small the budget. Our programs earn high ratings with audiences and win critical acclaim worldwide. 

Innovation keys our success. Our productions export well as evidenced by the docu-drama format that we created with Cineflix «Mayday,» a flagship program that aired for almost 15 years on National Geographic. Alongside our successful international co-productions, our aviation films illustrate our ability to stand alone on this specialized topic.   

Talented and bold professionals working as journalists, directors, editors, and graphic designers put us in position to excel. The Galaxie team began telling stories about society and science, pop culture, history and health in 1993 in Paris. Galaxie’s Abidjan bureau produces African content.

Our daring producers know how to corral the changes in the audiovisual and digital realms to keep us at the forefront of opportunity all around the world. Our Galaxie is vast, encompassing five subsidiaries: Galaxie Presse (TV), Galaxie Communication (corporate and digital), Galaxie Formation, Editions du Faubourg (music publishing), Galaxie Africa. 

Galaxie is independent. Group founder Bernard Vaillot and deputy directors Thierry Caillibot and Romain Grumbach understand that independence remains a vital part of the long-term strategy as they lead nearly thirty production professionals into the future.




Jeanne Lachèze

Jeanne Lachèze - Chargée de production

Léopold Jakusz

Léopold Jakusz - Assistant de production

Fabrice Rigalleau

Fabrice Rigalleau - Administrateur des contrats et des productions

Kévin Robert

Kévin Robert - Assistant comptable

Fabien Evezard

Fabien Evezard - Journaliste

Frédéric de Bongrain

Frédéric de Bongrain - Post-production

Lana Deluigi

Lana Deluigi - Assistante développement